Erotic Art


Deathrap's Lair

"Oh… There you are… We have to be really careful here… This is a scary site with girls like me in all sort of trouble… I-I suppose I could take a peek inside for you… Just hold on and be really quiet… Oh… I suppose you can hold onto me there…

The men are so sleek, so smooth skinned yet full of vigor and rampaging sexuality. A fallen angel, pristine in his newly mortal coil, blazing across a desert - naked - and on a chrome colored motorcycle. His freedom lasts until the demons just behind him catch him and - well, I think you should read to find out more! Welcomed here are the snarling smiles of the menacing and malicious executioness, who shows no mercy to those that lie begging and pleading at her feet. The chants of the cult of the elephant god stream through the forest… while just above their voices come the screams of their sacrifices, pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears.

A young man, caught in the throes of romantic love, seeks out the woman stolen from his village. She is no maiden, pure and pristine - but a whore, caught as a feast for a spider queen! Does his desire for vengeance come from his heart? Or from his groin? Deathtrap brings you the perils of both sexes, putting his characters on the brink of death and torture, toppling them over at just the right moment to drive the voyeuristic senses mad! Will the sharks cruising around the thrashing legs of the trussed up young man strike now? Or later? You have to read, to watch, to see more and more, image after image, to experience the dark and twisted fantasy to the fullest!

Oh dear… I think its time for me to go… I-I hope you enjoyed this little peek into Deathtrap's world… Its filled with huge male members and beautiful women waiting to entertain you… I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"

18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance statement.


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